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Gaming console overview, not just for gamers

Inspired by the recent release of the new PS5, Yanko Design collected the gaming consoles standing out also in terms of product design.

SONY released PlayStation 5 a few days ago, and of course, we also shared our thoughts about it. The groundbreaking gaming console split the audience into two groups instantly: there are some who fell in love the new design immediately, while others compared the shape of the PS5 to a forgettable Wi-Fi router. We don’t necessarily have to be gamers in order to appreciate the efforts of designers: Yanko Design’s selection now offers a comprehensive overview of the gaming consoles that demonstrate an outstanding performance also in terms of form.

The Nintendo Flex draws on the heritage of the classic GameBoy, at the same time it comes with several extra updates: with its bigger screen, the slightly curved, handy device offers an improved experience compared to its predecessors, and the former keys and controls standing out from the surface also underwent some finetuning.

The screen of Samsung’s ultra-wide and once again curved Odyssey G9 offers a true cinema experience to the users: the Dual Quad high-resolution screen makes us feel as if we had eight 720p screens.

The Fixture S1 designed by Austin Stark and Craig Ovans is practically a Playstation or Xbox in a portable format: all we need to do is connect the Nintendo Switch and we can enjoy the game anywhere, in any position with the help of the compact device.

EXEO 2.0 opened brand new dimensions compared to the traditional controllers: the Brutus, Velox and Terra “parts” can be snapped together depending on the chosen computer game, just like LEGO pieces. Owing to the unconventional and ergonomic design, the users have a whole new experience, overriding the previously known use of hand-held controllers. Velox’s shape, for example, reminds us of a gun and a hair dryer at the same time.

As also suggested by its name, Wood-e is made of wood, but it does not only take us back to the pioneer era of video games with its use of materials. The box-like design of the device also has a retro feel to it, reminding us of the machines known from the arcades of the ‘80s, and this nostalgic atmosphere is also enriched by the giant red buttons and the joystick resembling a lollipop.

One of our favorites is the R-Kaid-R SK-4 gaming console, which is only strange in its name, but quite familiar in terms of shape: the device designed by Love Hultén looks as if Dieter Rams’ legendary record player was combined with a PC. A clean and gorgeous piece, a true gem!  

Check out the full article for further eye-candy!

Source: yankodesign.com

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