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Müskinn says goodbye to its tigers with a limited collection

Müskinn’s history arrived to a turning point. Soon we’ll have to say goodbye to the tiger motif that has dominated the past three years of the Hungarian brand, but until then, here is their new, limited and sustainable mini collection!

The main motif of the 虎 (pronounced as: Hu), that is “TIGER”  collection is an emblematic Chinese character, which has inspired the team of Müskinn for long years, and with which the designers now would like to say farewell to their tiger years. The pieces of the collection are made of bio-cotton and are manufactured amongst controlled, fair-trade circumstances with renewable energy resources. The various patterns are screen printed on the bags, T-shirts and sweaters manually, with a water-based dye, using an eco-conscious yet very durable printing technology. The totes and bags of the mini collection are made of natural materials produced in Hungary. 

Müskinn has always been full of new ideas, and they were also willing to cooperate with the representatives of other fields of art from the very beginning. Their first collection was inspired by the electronic music of music producer Bálint Zalkai, and they also reached to the music industry for inspiration when they created the practical record bags of the Küss Mich mini collection, designed not only for DJs. We have to admit that our ultimate favorite was the ZINA collection, which enchanted the fans of unique and bold accessories with its extraordinary visual world (and where the girls also maxed out girl power). 

In the past years, the designers – Noémi Sziládi and Eszter Tóth – have been more and more focusing on the issue of sustainability. They transformed plastic grocery bags and nylon bags into surfaces with special patterns, and they also switched to organic cotton in the field of apparel. Of course, the tiger was everywhere: on T-shirts, sweaters, canvas bags and even baseball caps – the animal and the Chinese character hiding the tiger appeared on the products of Müskinn sometimes separately and sometimes together, reinforcing each other (or sometimes indirectly, as in the case of the backpacks, where the Chinese character can be observed in the shape of the metal buckles). 

In their latest mini collection, the usual tiger tees and sweaters are accompanied by crop tops and durable canvas totes, too. And what can we expect after saying goodbye to the tigers? The designers don’t reveal the specifics yet, but they say they have plenty of new ideas and would like to continue exploring sustainability, so we won’t remain without Müskinn products in the future either.

You can find the pieces of the collection and other Müskinn products in the online store of the brand as well as at their headquarters, SISKO STUDIO.

Photos: Tamás Oláh

Model: Lili Tóth, Viktor Eichner

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