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Meditation in the middle of a herb garden | Maacraft x AU Workshop

The result of Maacraft and AU Workshop’s collaboration is this herb dryer, which does not only provide an opportunity to dry herbs, but to meditate a bit, too. 

Time-consuming activities such as drying herbs naturally urge people to slow down. This is a process that can’t be rushed: it’s better if we get used to its pace.

In their initiative titled Therapeutic and herb garden, Maacraft helps autistic people through the means of landscape architecture. In the garden established on the lot of their foundation, the participants of the program can quiet down by caring for plants, can immerse themselves into gardening, in a manner that they are exposed to minimal external stimuli. 

The herb dryer also forms part of the therapeutic garden, designed by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop, in addition to the benches and the cabin located in the garden. The two teams created the cabin in 2015, in the framework of a joint project in the summer, in which the fresh herbs and spices are dried out, and thus conserved by the wind. One may also take a moment to relax in the inside of the small pavilion: we can immerse in our thoughts, unwind and meditate with the smell of herbs around us. And this does not only have a beneficial impact on people with behavior disorders, but on each and every one of us.

Maacraft – The Social Workshop | Behance | Facebook | Instagram

Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop | Behance | Facebook | Instagram

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