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It might seem a little rigid, modern yet it creates a perfect shield by combining leather and felt, and it’s a delicately curved shape. Besides protecting our personal objects, it gives safety and confidence to the wearer – it gives a unique look to everyday life with it being beautiful, elegant yet larrikin, and it’s an organic shape. KLOCC reloaded- aka here is the brand new KLOCC STONE line. 

Ducsai Judit has been creating bags, purses, and other accessories since 2011. Since the very beginning, her work is characterized by unique shapes, quality materials, precise execution, and practical variability -while keeping in my mind customer needs. Judit likes to make her creations starting off of the material: she touches, smells, bends -it is important for her to know what the given material can do. This is her reason to pick carefully, high quality, using primarily plant tanned leather that she often combines with unusual textiles. Uniting modern materials and traditional techniques.

Shapes without cutting

The word klocc means to shape, in the case of Ducsai it means forming into organic shapes from 100% wool felt. Judit started to experiment with the klocc technique, shapes without cutting well-known by hat-makers, during her diploma work at MOME. The shaping of a hat is the technique she still uses today, but in her case, the materials are thicker, from which she creates bags, purses, and containers. This is a very serious physical work – the final form is made by fumigating the felt in hot water, put onto a shoehorn, nailed, pulling, shaping. The first KLOCC holding line was made by this old-new technique, which won the Hungarian Design Award Student Special Award. From 2012 winning the Kozma Lajos handcraft and art scholarship ensured for the upcoming 3 years of the creation of the colorful, buckled up toy containers, baby carriers, and the KLOCC-Office bags as well.


Judit’s brand, the Ducsai.Leather.Goods arrived at a milestone this year. The conception derived from the felt containers became a well-though bag collection, where you can find everyday wear backpacks, brief – and handbags, and fanny packs as well. The five main pieces of the KLOCC STONE collection are defined by the harmonic and elegant duo of cow leather and wool felt. The rust wool felt is perfectly balanced out by the cleanness of the eye-pleasing, round, spatial forms.

Get to know, touch and try on the brand new KLOCC pieces!

The collection is presented by Farkas-Zentai Lili, the founder-editor of NeighbourART and the chief editor of online magazine HYPEANDHYPER 

Date: 26th of November 2019, Tuesday, 6:30 pm
Address: YLKA design studio (1081 Budapest, Csokonai street 10., doorbell 21)

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