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Eco-friendly shoes made of ocean waste | CCILU

Shoe brand CCILU proposes a new solution for managing the plastic waste crisis by creating the environmentally friendly GreenPlax sneakers, made entirely of plastic waste.

To create GreenPlax, the brand collects waste straight from the ocean and transforms it into reusable materials. In effect, a pair of shoes equals thirty PET bottles: every centimeter of the footwear piece, from its flexible sole to its lace is made of recycled polymers – thus giving new life to the waste materials.

Not only are the shoes environmentally friendly, they also come with classic and timeless design, are available in a variety of color combinations and sizes, are extremely light and prove to be more durable than their traditional peers. If that’s not enough, GreenPlax is unisex, enabling both men and women to choose eco-friendly footwear freely.

For more information check out CCILU’s website!

Source: YankoDesign

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