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Edinas paper’s creations on the main street of Košice

The special paper installations of Edinas paper are not only conquering hearts of unsuspecting pedestrians in Hungary: since mid-September, the works of the designer can also be discovered in the shop window of Egne offering exclusive jewelry on Košice’s main street. Edina Németh, the founder of the brand told us about the details of the collaboration.

How did you find each other with the Slovak business?

We were connected by an old partner of ours, Móni, who creates exclusive boxes and gift bags for Egne‘s jewelry. We immediately found common grounds, and luckily I received a completely free hand in designing. How much their liked our work is proven best by the fact that they plan with us in the long term, and we agreed that we would do their window display for four seasons right away.

The shop window displays Košice’s iconic buildings in miniature size, in snow white, completed by the seasonal elements in subdued colors. How did the design process start, and what should we know about the buildings appearing in the shop window?

The jewelry store is located on the main street of Košice, offering numerous attractions. It soon turned out that it was important for the client to call the attention to the historical building in which the showroom is located – they are proud of this elegant place. Legend says, the so-called „Beggar’s house” art nouveau façade was built by a beggar from donations – as also demonstrated by the statue on top of the building. This building became the main element of the shop window, and we created a 3D version of it with laser-cut paper elements used in several layers. We glued the more than 1400 roof tiles on the roof of the building one by one for special effects. In addition, the building of the Košice State Theater and Saint Elisabeth Cathedral also appear as permanent elements of the shop window.

In the spirit of long term collaboration and sustainability, we created a shop window in which the permanent buildings are complemented by seasonal elements adjusted to the given season. For the fall design, we created leaf compositions evoking art nouveau shapes inspired by the ornaments of the building, with special rose gold hot foil printed details.

Let’s talk about the details a bit. How much time does it take to design a shop window installation like this? How many working hours does it take to create a composition like this, and how should we imagine the processes of implementation?

The design process usually lasts one or two weeks, as I have a very clear vision about the goal and the experience the installation should offer. I work with a very assembled team in the graphic design process, so we get from the sketch to the final design in quite a short time. This is followed by testing, when we create 1:1 prototypes with laser-cutting, thus perfecting the details. I shape the 3D paper elements manually out of the cut out elements. It’s hard to say exactly how much time implementing a shop window like this takes, as the processes are quite diverse. If I had to say something, it takes approximately 200-250 working hours to design, test, laser-cut, compose and finetune every detail.

What novelties can we expect from you next time?

We like to pursue complex thinking due to our experience gathered on the field of marketing, and so many times we also recommend offline solutions to our clients. For Egne, we created exclusive gifts with which they can surprise their partners.

Currently we work on the Christmas shop window. This will portray a winter wonderland in Košice, with a moving Ferris wheel. This is also special because the jewelry pieces themselves will also be incorporated into the installation: there will be a ring in a sledge, and another will be placed in one of the cabin of the Ferris wheel.

Creative concept and implementation: Edinas paper
Graphic design: Pagina Galéria
Laser-cutting: TCN Sign Studio
Hot foil printing: Styleboxes
Photo: Lenke Kiss
Video: Róbert Dálnoki

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