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Family home on the riverside | Bogdanova Bureau

Inspired by the picturesque landscape, this family home is located in the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine on the bank of the Southern Bug river and was designed by architecture firm Bogdanova Bureau.

Dubbed the Vin House, the home was built for a family that longed to escape the city and get closer to nature. The biggest challenge in the project was the limited time available, as the architects only had eleven months to provide the family with their new home.

“When we first came to this land, it mesmerized us. We wanted to stay there, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy how the sun dawns above the river and sets in the forest. That is why we name the project Vin House,“ said Olga Bogdanova, the lead architect of Bogdanova Bureau.

The building is located on a hill, looking onto the Southern Bug river: its façade was clad in glass, thus it offers a complete panorama over the water and the neighboring land. The structure of the house is divided into two wings: the eastern part houses the living quarters, the kitchen and a wardrobe, while the western section gives home to a spa zone and a pool. The architects also established an atrium in the central part of the house, where the family’s oak tree is growing. The peculiarities of the pool includes the fact that it partly goes outside the building and was designed to be used in all seasons of the year.

The central space of the interior is the living room, dominated by the pendant Focus fireplace suspended from the 6-meters high ceiling, with lamps evocative of wind chimes, designed specifically for the interior of Vin House.

Otherwise the house is scarcely decorated: another decorative solution is the living plant composition embracing the glass rail on the first floor. The bedrooms and other spaces are characterized by a calm, grey and beige color palette, in complete harmony with the dark-toned, walnut wood elements.

Complete comfort is provided by the spacious terrace positioned at the perimeter of the building, offering a relaxing zone with lounges and a dining zone. From the terrace, a 15 meter bridge leads to the pavilion floating above the river, serving as a place of meditation and relaxation.

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