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The elegance of tradition and minimalism | Drozdov & Partners

Vernacular references meet contemporary elegance in the design of this Ukrainian horse club: VG Horse Club equestrian facility located in the northern part of Ukraine, on the bank of the Kharkiv river was designed by architecture studio Drozdov & Partners.

The modern, minimalist yet traditional aesthetic of VG Horse Club reflects the sophisticated world of horse training and dressage well.

The main building of the center is located a bit farther away from the Kharkiv river, on an elevated plateau, while they built the paddocks on the flood-prone, low-lying areas. 

The center’s main building is formed by a shed-like steel structure housing an indoor riding hall and the administrative rooms of the club, while the stables themselves are located in the three adjoining wings. Auxiliary buildings were also built for various training purposes while an outdoor riding arena outfitted with spectator stands serves as the venue of national and international events.

The interior of the industrial-looking facility is dominated by the color white and wood finishes. With its wooden floors, leather sofas and the use of green hues, the members’ lounge creates an elegant and relaxing space that harmoniously complements the views of the neighboring arena. Extensive skylights ensure natural lights in the spaces and the sense of spaciousness and airiness in the buildings.

In addition to the applied architectural solutions, the contemporary and progressive mentality of VG Horse Club also extends to the services of the club. Including the microclimate of the indoor arena, controlled along specific factors: they closely monitor everything from the soil moisture to air humidity and temperature. The stables are also fitted with a specialized solarium system compensating for the lack of sunlight in the winter, as well as helping the horses’ muscles relax after daily workouts. Such pampering also extends to the human members of the club who have at their disposal private bathrooms, shower and lockers, so they can unwind before and after trainings, and who can attend the many equestrian events organized at the club.

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