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Favorite places #1 │ Kitti Mayer

We are launching a new series in which the staff of HYPEANDHYPER will introduce themselves through their favorites. We visit the most lovable places in Budapest, tell the stories behind them and shed light on our personal attachment. Our first characters are Kitti Mayer and Retrohungary!

How would you introduce Retrohungary?

The vintage shop of Judit Sebők and Tamás Borbély started a few years ago, when they were still working in one of the small shops of Paloma. “Design for retro lovers from the fifties” is how they define themselves, and indeed: stepping in, the heart of the fans of charming ceramics, home furnishings and souvenirs born in the time of socialism starts pounding heavily. The owners are both passionate treasure hunters with their favorite eras they are happy to collect objects from.

Why is this your favorite place?

I like going to the Retrohungary because I feel like I’m being hosted by an old friend here. Judit and Tamás always have a good story, they are happy to tell me about the treasures lined up on the shelves. The whole place is very cozy and kind. This is typically the shop where you’ll definitely find something that would fit perfectly in your friend’s apartment, or you simply look at a small porcelain ashtray labeled “Balaton” and you know who to buy it for. My friend Sziszi, for example, loves cats, so I knew I had to come here because there would be kitty pottery here. Indeed, there was!

What is your favorite product from them that you would recommend?

I’m a big lover of old plastic items, I have a whole small collection of them: there are multiple milk bag holders and lemon squeezers at home. I’ve always wanted a mandolin-shaped GDR watering can like this! Thanks, Retrohungary!


Address: 14 Kossuth Lajos street Budapest 1053 (on the first floor of Paloma Courtyard)

The Retrohungary store will reopen soon: check their Facebook and Instagram profiles for accurate opening hours!

Photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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