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Favorite places # 2 │ Bianka Geiger

Our series continues—from the editorial staff of HYPEANDHYPER, Geiger Bianka talks about one of her favorite places in Budapest. Let’s get to know Budapest’s A másik bolt (The other shop)!

How would you describe the shop?

Fábián Willmann got to know Budapest’s Wekerle neighborhood after he had returned to Hungary from Germany, and opened up a small wine shop in the area. Over time, he fell in love with the different varieties of potatoes, which grew into a new line of business. If someone was looking for him at the wine place, he wasn’t there, but in “the other shop” at Kós Károly Square, the product selection of which kept growing and growing. The shop now has everything from the delicacies of our favorite domestic producers to curiosities from far-flung parts of the world. They have a daily lunch special, brilliant coffee, a lively atmosphere, and thanks to Irén, the dextrous baker of the place, they even sell baked goods of their own, all to the utmost delight of locals and gastro tourists.

Why is this your favorite place?

A másik bolt is a place that has everything—and what they don’t have will be delivered tomorrow on four wheels, if needed. I used to live around the corner, and whenever I came in, I always found something new. Although now the way there is much longer for me, it’s worth it, because the shop’s atmosphere and kindness fill me with energy even on the grayest day, and because here they take the bulk pack of morel mushrooms from my hand, saying that they’ve just got some fresh ones and that I should pick form those instead.

What is your favorite product here that you would recommend?

Anything, really. Go inside, ask for advice or just engage in some impulse shopping! I would recommend their legendary steamed dumpling, for which all the locals traipse to the deli on Saturdays, but for that, sadly you’ll have to wait until Fall—but believe me, you’ll find something worth taking home! (Our photographer, for example, left with a generous piece of ham and a loaf of fresh bread… )

A másik bolt

Address: 1192 Budapest, Kós Károly Square 13 (get there from Blaha Lujza Square with bus 99 or take a pleasant walk from Határ Road, or take bus 194 or 199)

Photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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