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Lángos reinvented

A new restaurant opened in Bratislava with a characteristic repertoire and a unique interior. Langoš Bar’s assortment features both classic, traditional treats and reinvented flavors.

Langoš Bar is a tiny street food bar in Bratislava, located in an old market hall in the historical part of the city center. As its name already gives it away, the bar’s selection is centered around lángos, this fried flatbread made of soft yeast dough, which is a traditional meal in Hungarian cuisine: while traditionally it is served with a combination of sour cream, cheese and garlic, Langoš Bar introduces a new approach in terms of toppings.

The concept of the food bar was dreamt up by recognized chef Lukáš Hesko and experienced sommelier Róbert Nagy. In addition to pecorino cheese, pastrami or shrimp, they offer countless other possibilities to season this traditional Hungarian dish with, which we can combine with drinks and natural wines produced in the region. 

Even though the bar’s floorspace is only twelve square meters, it has all the necessary equipment in it. The architects of Slovak architecture studio Grau Architects came up with a visually simple yet bold concept: the interior’s design is based on a 10×10 meter square grid. They used white tiles and stainless steel in the rough cement finished unit. The central color the architects used is red, which fits the bar’s characteristic identity perfectly. 

The visual identity of Langoš Bar was designed by Matej Spanik, the founder of local design studio Nice Guy, and Tomáš Rybár, also known as Sicknico. The bar’s logo symbolizes a stylized, satisfied and round face. The goal of the designer duo was to create a visually strong and bold identity that can keep the character of the concept authentic and easy to understand. They also wanted to capture the pleasure that eating lángos brings.

Photos: Matej Hakar

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Source: Archdaily

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