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All the world’s a stage | IKS board game

Last year, the Slovak IKS Theater celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding, in celebration of which theater fans were surprised by a special board game. The timing could not have been better than this, as the pandemic means the lack of performances, but the board game was the perfect opportunity for the theater to come to life in our own living rooms.

The board game provides insight behind the scenes of the theater and presents the past and present of the IKS Theater in terms of cultural history and theater studies, in table and pocket versions. The content of the game was dreamed up by renowned playwrights, actors and other creators. In addition to being extremely meaningful and entertaining, every detail is also a thoughtful concept, from theater-inspired illustrations to sustainable material choices.

The visual identity of the game was created by two young designers, Luciana Gamanová and Oleksandra Bakushina, who were inspired by the world of theatrical curtains and other defining props. The main consideration during the design was to produce minimal waste and avoid plastic, as a result of which the figures were made of metal, the packaging material was made of recycled cardboard paper and the box was made of wood.

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