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Snowy terraces and unmatched views | Ski center in Bachledova Valley, Slovakia

The recreation center designed by Compass Architecti hardly stands out from its environment, yet still looks spectacular with its glass walls emerging from the snowy landscape.

Situated on the Spiš Magura, Bachledka Ski & Sun ski center and its area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. It is a frequented spot not only for skiers, but hikers, too, therefore it seemed justified and necessary that a multifunctional facility be built on the summit.

The client commissioned Bratislava-based architect studio Compass Architekti to design the center. The main goal of the architects was to only interfere with the surrounding nature to the extent absolutely necessary. To that end, they built the 3-story building into the mountainside.

A major challenges was how to connect the top and the bottom levels. Finally they resolved the issue with an external staircase through which a ramp traverses.

There is a restaurant and bar capable of hosting 150 people, a terrace seating 300 people, a half-open lounge and three almost identical apartments in the buildings. While the façade is defined by glass surfaces, the architects used mainly wood and concrete in the interiors. 

Source: Linka News (press material)



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