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Feminine and bold | Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry unveils new pieces

This time, Fruzsi Fekete, the designer and manufacturer of jewelry pieces evoking timeless elegance and soft femininity, delights those looking for truly one of a kind and special jewelry with even more exciting pieces. 

As the name might suggest, the main motifs of the „Curves” collection are dynamic and playful curves. The pieces of twisting silver jewelry launched a year ago mainly featured earrings, and now the collection was complemented with new, unparalleled pieces, including necklaces, rings and brooches. The inimitable character of the jewelry comes from the technique of lost-wax casting applied by the designer. Fruzsi Fekete creates each and every piece by hand, she forms the final shape out of beeswax, which becomes a tangible piece after casting, while—literally—preserving the marks of its maker (as also witnessed by the fingerprints on the surface of the silver jewelry). Thus, even if we pick two seemingly identical pieces, this special technique guarantees that no two items are exactly the same.  

The unique distinguishing mark of the “Curves” pieces is the circular wavy line, which, owing to its ethereal sculpturality, always shows a different face. On account of the sophisticated technique, characteristic shapes and choice of materials, the pieces of the collection are elegant and bold at the same time, while also preserving the essential values that make the Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry brand so loveable. These are ethereal pieces evoking a timeless elegance, and as such, deserve a place in every women’s jewelry box.

Since the launch of the brand’s previous, and at the same time, first collection, the romantic and filigree „Leaves”, the Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry brand has enjoyed unwaning popularity and success. The audience could meet the Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry brand at Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair for the first time, where the owner of the Italian Mydaybyday Gallery almost immediately jumped at the opportunity of exhibiting the pieces of the “Leaves” collection in their own gallery in Rome.

Since the brand’s debut in 2017, the pieces have been exhibited in Moscow and Porto, and a little later they also conquered the hearts of the Hungarian audience, so much so that more and more brides are choosing “Leaves” jewelry for the big day. Those who’d rather opt for more feminine yet bold and eye-catching items to spark up their days or would like to complement their evening attire with a truly unique piece of jewelry—may it be an earring, a ring, a necklace or a brooch—will find something to their liking among the pieces of the “Curves” collection, for sure.

The “Curves” pieces and the items of the Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry collections can be purchased directly from the designer, and are available in wonderLAB’s online store as well as their shop in Veres Pálné utca, Budapest.

Photos: Bálint Nemes

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