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The coronavirus brought countless changes in our lives. Many beloved design brands are also at risk. Just like them, we also believe in the added value of Hungarian design. Our article series presents Hungarian small enterprises who could even make your days spent in quarantine a little bit better with their unique products. Browse through the cool design jewelry and support Hungarian design!


Bianka Bori, the designer of the BORIBIANKA brand is a silversmith and goldsmith inspired by the mass and lines of buildings, the clean objects of Northern, Scandinavian interiors, the powerful atmosphere of nature, the tiny details of plants and rocks, and the depth of space and the universe. Her work is characterized by the combination of precious metals and different minerals. Each and every piece of her collections are hand-made by the designer herself. Available collections: TOTEMORIGOVOICE.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

TOTEM bracelet

925 silver charm with optional bracelet and silver finding, HUF 19,500

VOICE I earring

925 silver, 2x2x11 mm, HUF 6,800

ORIGO ring

925 silver ring, 14 karat setting, precious stone, HUF 36,200

Would you like to see more? Visit the online store!

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Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry

Fruzsi Fekete makes delicate pieces of jewelry, and this is especially true for the pieces of the “Leaves” collection. The jewelry family built from small petals oozes fragile elegance. The designer achieves this effect with a special technique, the so-called lost-wax casting method: she shapes every piece from wax manually, this is how the pieces become unique and unrepeatable. The subtle pieces of the Leaves collection are ageless and contemporary at the same time, and as such, they should be part of the jewelry box of every pretty woman. We recently did an interview with the jewelry designer, in relation to her latest collection, “Curves.”

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

„Leaves” earring

Silver, 10-15 mm, HUF 21,900

„Leaves” necklace

Silver, 45 mm x 25 mm (with a 45 cm lace) HUF 45,900

„Leaves” earring

Silver, 12-15 mm, (with a 60 mm lace) HUF 32,900

Would you like to buy a custom-designed piece? Contact the designer or keep browsing the “shelves” of WONDERLAB!

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Gera Noémi Jewellery

Noémi Gera graduated from the department of metal work design of MOME in 2005: she started to create her own jewelry at that time and she launched her own brand a few years later, in 2012. According to her, she is not interested in average jewelry, but the memorable and special pieces. In addition to precious metals, she has already experimented with paper, aluminum, plastic, textile, hair, stamp and many other materials. The geometric shapes characteristic of her extravagant jewelry are dissolved by the softly folded arches, colors and materials. The first pieces of the paper collection were showcased in numerous metropolises, including Vienna, Milan, London, New York and Helsinki. The designer’s product palette offers a wide variety: in addition to the rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches, you can also find rings for men, cuffs and shirt jewelry.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Threaded roll ring

30 x 26 x 32 mm, silver, metal thread, HUF 33,000

Moon roll earring

50 x 20 x 10 mm, silver, HUF 39,000

Roll necklace

You can find Noémi Gera’s jewelry in the online store of Lucky Shepherd Designer Store, but you can also order directly from the designer.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Kinga Horányi launched her own jewelry brand in 2018.The brand was named after the Japanese word “IKIIKI”, meaning: “vibrant, full of life.” The designer highlights the formal characteristics of the metal foam with painting and various surface treatment techniques, thus pronouncing the contrasts between the surface and the depth of lines. Currently the earrings and rings made out silver and brass are available, in various colors, but the designer will also prepare the piece you like in other precious metals based on custom orders.

We recommend these:

IKIIKI colorful ring

Metal foam, 3 mm x 2 mm – HUF 24,900 Ft, 5 mm x 2 mm – HUF 29,900


Metal foam (yellow brass), 3 mm x 2 mm HUF 12,900

IKIIKI earring

Metal foam (yellow brass), 35 mm x 2 mm HUF 11,900

You can order the jewelry in Facebook or Instagram message from the designer.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The Inventino brand was launched in 2015. Zsanett Jakócs does not compromise when it comes to materials and quality. She works with uniquely textured and colored leathers, which she works in various ways, and then combines them with yellow brass accessories plated with gold or rhodium. She recommends her fashionable pieces to women who prefer subtle elegance, aren’t afraid to dress spectacularly and tastefully, and are proud to be who they are. 

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Giesele turquoise earring

Leather and Japanese bead, in two sizes (mini and midi), HUF 28,000 / HUF 31,000

Gabriel magenta – silk silver necklace & bracelet

Leather, rhodium-plated yellow brass accessories, HUF 14,500 / HUF 8,900

Emerald Floral Earpiece

Leather and medical metal, HUF 14,500

For more romantic and elegant pieces, go and take a look around in the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

kiskery design

Dániel Kiskéry launched his own jewelry brand in September 2019. He primarily experiments with digital production technologies, including 3D printing to create unconventional pieces. His jewelry is characterized by a scientific-engineering thinking. Currently he works on developing two product collections: one of them is “Spira”, and the other is “Lacunae”, using stainless steel as a raw material. In the case of the former, the designer was inspired by the growing algorithms of plants and crystals, while in the case of the latter, he used the human bone structure as a source of inspiration.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Spira S bracelets

PLA plastic, internal diameter: 60-65-70 mm, height 25 mm, HUF 8,000

Spira M bracelets

PLA plastic, internal diameter: 60-65-70 mm, height 40 mm, HUF 8,500

Spira L bracelets

PLA plastic, internal diameter: 60-65-70 mm, height 50 mm, HUF 8,500

You don’t have any 3D printed jewelry yet?  Contact the designer via Facebook or Instagram message if you’d like to buy one!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Fanni Király

Fanni Király is one of the dominant figures of the Hungarian applied arts scene. She mainly creates unique silver objects that can be reproduced in limited series. She likes to experiment with each collection and she chooses materials that are less frequent in traditional jewelry making many times. She likes wood and bone, many of her series were made of exotic species. She uses parchment goatskin with a unique technique, creating 3D, statuesque jewelry combined with silver out of it. Fanni’s work is characterized by “treasure rescue”: many times she uses old fragments, antique carvings or personal relics so that they can become wearable objects once removed from their hiding place.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Spring necklace

Parchment goatskin, snake lace, available colors: red, turquoise, 40 x 40 x 10 mm, silver, HUF 42,000

Butterfly necklace

Parchment goatskin, snake lace, jade, turquoise, coral, available colors: red, turquoise, 50 x 45 x 10 mm, HUF 52,000

Pepromia earring

Parchment goatskin, alder and hematite, available colors: turquoise, red, green 35 x 25 x 25 mm, HUF 34,000

If you’d like to gift a special piece, you don’t have to look any further! You can also find Fanni Király’s jewelry in the online store of Lucky Shepherd Designer Store.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

L’arbre Design

L’arbre pour l’art”, meaning “Wood for art”– this is L’arbre Design’s motto. The brand was founded by Barbara Komlós and his husband, Levente Gőgh in 2017 and they have created countless special rings, pendants and earrings since then. The basis of all their jewelry is a tropical tree type, and they lure out the gorgeous hidden patterns from it with a precise polishing process. When designing the L’arbre Design pieces, the designers turn to nature for inspiration: they enclose the coral reefs of the ocean, the edge of the snowy mountaintops, the wildflowers of fields, and the green essence of forests into the jewelry, and sometimes they build imaginary landscapes into the resin.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Turquoise ring

In the playful colors of the sea and the bluish shade of turquoise, HUF 14,900

Turquoise green ring

In the playful colors of the sea and the greenish shade of turquoise, HUF 14,900

Leaves necklace

In various colors, HUF 12,900

Are you inspired by the pieces of L’arbre Design? Continue browsing in the online store!

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The jewelry of Szabina Stefán is inspired by her love for semi-precious stones and pearls. She decorates the crocheted bracelets and necklaces with sweet water pearl, moon stone, labradorite, amethyst, rose quartz, onyx and magnetite elements. The pearls and minerals used for the jewelry are displayed on the products of the brand launched in 2015 in a unique and elegant manner. Their charm can be seen from afar, their beauty is impressive, and owing to the healing powers of minerals, each and every piece addresses the person wearing them. Simple, sophisticated, feminine.

If you like Malutka’s pieces, contact the designer via Facebook! Delivery is free in Budapest!

Facebook | Instagram


We have been keeping an eye on the SAPI jewelry brand for ages, and we fell in love with many pieces over the years. Sapi Szilágyi’s jewelry line was inspired by nature: you can find rings and earrings resembling branches, but there are also bee necklaces and butterfly earrings in the selection. Our personal favorite is the fly pin. In addition to her own collection, SAPI also created engagement and wedding rights in her workshop, based on individual orders. Sapi’s tiny workshop can be found at the loft of SISKO Studio, where the workshops of several other design brands we love, including virágéknálnandi and Müskinn, can also be found. Unfortunately the girls’ headquarters are closed right now, but we can’t wait to visit them once the epidemic is over.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Silver branch ring, with green garnet

925 sterling silver, green garnet, HUF 20,741

“Super power” earring

925 sterling silver HUF 9,259

Necklace with bees

925 sterling silver necklace (length: 55 cm), plated silver pendant HUF 28,333

All you want is a bee necklace? The time has come, go and get it at SISKO’s online store!

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Frequent visitors of design fairs may already be familiar with the brand of Eszter Schall, which she launched in 2015. The brand started as a test, the goal was creating a simple yet playful jewelry collection that can be combined with her drawings. Luckily the buyers grew to love it quickly, and so Eszter’s yellow brass products have already been available in many Hungarian and foreign distributor shops, crafts and design fairs. Kittens, foxes, elephants, dinosaurs and many other species populate the Stampp jewelry, may it be bracelets, necklaces or smaller or larger earrings. Our personal favorite is the new sloth ring!

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Round sloth earring

The yellow brass round pendants are 10 mm and 25 mm diameter, and the lockable earring hangers are 16 x 10 mm, HUF 2,900

Adjustable bee bracelet

Yellow brass bracelet with bee pattern, length: 45 mm, width 10 mm, depth 0.60 mm, easily formable, HUF 3,200

Kitten triangle necklace

Triangle-shaped yellow brass pendant: 14 mm, yellow brass lace length: 24 cm, HUF 3,200

Do you want more? Luckily you can choose from an abundance of products at the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Vadjutka Design Jewelry

Judit Wild’s brand, Vadjutka Design Jewelry was launched in 2007. The product palette mainly includes silver jewelry, which also feature other materials in addition to the precious metals, for example plexiglas in the past period. The ring named “Neon Pop” is a piece of this kind, which we have been longing for quite some time now, but we also love the “Little bit of glamour” ring very much, too. Judit prefers simple and clean forms, but she also likes rustic, wild solutions and unconventional combination of materials, too. She likes it if a piece of jewelry has a story. 

We recommend these (click on the product’s name): 

“Human on square” earring

Stud silver earring 5-6 mm, HUF 9,500

“Glamour Currant” necklace

Silver, geometric necklace with glittering red plexiglas circles, pendant length: 4 cm, lace length: 45 cm, HUF 22,000

Silver bracelet for men

Leather, silver – Black storm, HUF 9,500

Would you like to see more? Visit the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The ZEMSE brand name hides Emese Zentai, who decided to launch her own brand in 2014, where one cannot only find pieces made of manually brushed and bent aluminum, but home decor items, too. Emese designs her pieces for women who agree with the “less is more” philosophy, who like items with simple and plain lines, and who are not afraid of the use of special materials. Minimalist style for the fans of geometric shapes.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

“Matild” ring

Available in various sizes, material: aluminum, HUF 4,500

„Matild” earring

Pendant: 3 cm x 1.5 cm + finding, aluminum, with stainless steel finding, HUF 6,900

„Treasure” earring

Pendant diameter: 3 or 5 cm + 1 cm finding, aluminum, with stainless steel finding, HUF 6,900

Do you want more glamour? Go and check out the virtual shelves of the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

ZER jewel

Zsófia Neuzer launched her own jewelry brand in 2015. Last year, she opened her workshop in Veres Pálné utca together with Laenea Jewellery brand, where they organize contemporary jewelry exhibitions and other events with design in focus.A ZER jewelry can be placed on any ears, it will fit in its place ergonomically following the shape of the ear, so you don’t have to have a pierced ear to wear it. The “Earpieces” collection consists of tiny earrings and spectacular shell forms, and these were accompanied by the “Calyx” ring that wraps around our finger. You can also request a text on the items, this way you can make it truly unique. The pieces are fully hand-made, with 3-ply gold or silver-plated yellow brass, but you can also order silver pieces, if you like. 

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

„Earpiece” shell-shaped earring

3-ply gold-plated yellow brass, in two sizes, HUF 8,500 – HUF 10,500

Calyx” shell-shaped ring

3-ply gold-plated yellow brass, in two sizes, HUF 16,500 – HUF 21,500

“Earpiece” earring

3-ply gold-plated yellow brass earring – HUF 5,500 / silver earring – HUF 8,500

Did you fall in love with a piece? Would you like to order? Contact the designer via  Facebook or Instagrammessage!

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