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CZECHDESIGN launched a new store

The new design store of CZECHDESIGN opened its doors on June 17 at Myslíkově 5, Prague. The interior was designed by the team of Prokš Přikryl Architekti, and in addition to the usual bestsellers, visitors can also find new items on the shelves. Let’s see the details!

We always keep an eye on CZECHDESIGN‘s activity, and for a good reason. In addition to having the most popular design magazine in the Czech Republic, they also take part in several other projects, setting an example not only for Czech, but for other Eastern European cultural and design institutions, as well. The fact that several Czech cities received a makeover in their visual identity is also owing to the hard work of CZECHDESIGN (we also presented the successful city image tenders of SvitavyKadaň and Prague’s third district  to our readers).

In addition to the design projects and the magazine, another important pillar of CZECHDESIGN is the store, showcasing the products of the crème de la crème of Czech designers, both in the real and online space. We have also visited their former shop, at Vojtěšská 3 a few years ago – it also served as the headquarters of the CZECHDESIGN team at the same time. In 2015, it was once again Prokš Přikryl Architekti studio that designed the interior of the tiny office for the organization: here they preserved the original flooring, established work stations at the table stretching along the wall in the oblong room for the editors and they even managed to create a tiny relaxation corner. Since then, many things changed at CZECHDESIGN: they transformed the room next to the office into an exhibition space and a design store – now they have outgrown it and moved the products of Czech designers to a new place, one corner away.

At the time of the interview made with Veronika Pařízková, we could only show the visualizations of the new store, however, after the official opening in mid June, everyone is free to admire the new interior and the beauty of fantastic design products. 

Jana Vinšová, the head of CZECHDESIGN

The product palette was curated by head of CZECHDESIGN Jana Vinšová and Anna Prokopová: in addition to iconic, typically Czech items, such universal design objects that would hold their own on the shelves of any Western European concept stores also enrich their repertoire. A good example of the former is the porcelain set made by reinventing the traditional blue onion pattern, and for the latter, the jewelry of Karla Olšáková should be mentioned, amongst others – these are the personal favorites of Jana Vinšová.

They paid more attention to separate the various product types at the new place: the pieces of jewelry are placed into an elegant glass cabinet, and the softly lit black cabinets of the room display necklaces and earrings made of precious metals. Amongst novelties, we must mention the silver jewelry of Adéla Fejtková and Lucie Zemanová‘s pieces made of titanium and stainless steel. Ceramics and glass objects were placed on the floating wooden shelves: including our favorites, the ceramics designed by Eva Pelechová resembling yogurt cups, but we wouldn’t say no to the lovely and funny plates illustrated by graphic designer duo Tomski&Polanski either. 

The backpacks are lined up next to each other on the wall rails across the window: we have nothing to complain about regarding repertoire in this case either. In addition to the old timers (BraasiPBG StudioKRAS and Elajediova), new brands are also featured, including LiucBlindberry making gym bags and canvas bags, or Monika Mongol known for her waterproof backpacks. There are plenty to choose from, however, we stand by our greatest love, the bags of Playbag.

Of course if you’d like to cut back your spendings and are only looking for something small, paragraph‘s notebooks and postcards might be the perfect choice. Another thing that’s sure: we would also love to get at least one copy of the book titled „Brutální Praha” published in 2017.

Make sure you visit the store of CZECHDESIGN next time you’re in Prague, and those not planning to visit the Czech capital anytime soon can browse through their online store.

Photos: Tomáš Slavík

Source: czechdesign.cz

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