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Folk art meets contemporary design in this old Russian dacha

In the course of the renovation of the villa standing on the bank of the Kamenka River, the designers preserved the traditional elements of hundreds years of age, but implemented all additions in a contemporary style.

An ornately carved façade on one side, and clean, white walls on the other. A hundreds of years old tiled stove in one room, and a minimalist stair structure in the other. The dacha in Suzdal renovated by FORM Bureau is full of contrasting elements, while still preserving absolute harmony.

The old façade is decorated with so-called nalichniki window frames: the use of these lace-like ornaments reaches back to the 17th century in the country. The interior of the 500 sqm building offers a vibrant combination of elements of folk art heritage, as well as vintage and modern styles. The interior is further enriched by the selected works of art: contemporary paintings decorate almost every wall.

Source: yatzer

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