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Future cargo ships could be powered by the wind

The Oceanbird vessel prototype designed by a Swedish company promises to reduce travel emissions by up to 90% compared to regular freighters. 

Several studies published over the past decade claim that Europe’s air pollution is caused much more by ocean transport than by car traffic. Therefore it is critical that shipping becomes sustainable. Swedish vessel manufacturing company Wallenius Marine proposes a wind-powered new cargo ship prototype as an alternative.

The company promises to complete the development of the ship titled Oceanbird by 2024. Measuring 100 meters in height, 200 meters in length and 40 in width, the boat has wings reminiscent of those found on airplanes. The wings of 80 meters height utilize the energy of the wind, which is the main innovation of the vessel: as a result, it reduces sulfur dioxide emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional cargo ships. 

Source: designboom

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