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As you could already see in our Indulj el! series, we had quite a busy summer, and collected many experiences that we would love to share with you. As part of Indulj el!, we also dreamt up a series presenting Hungarian cabins, for which we contacted and interviewed their creators and operators, so that we could recommend places where you can have a rest once you get going. 

In the video made of the cabins, you can meet András Huszár (Hello Wood), Dorottya Vámos-Kecső (Wood House), László Szűrszabó (Hegyi Kabin) and Richárd Nemes (Ég és Föld Borvendégház). You can learn about their projects, accommodations and perspective about the benefits of cabins. 

Grand Cabin – Csóromfölde

The campus of Hello Wood’s summer architecture camp was built in 2018, in the framework of the Cabin Fever creative festival in Csóromfölde. Seven cabins were built during the creative festival by architects of different nationality. Out of these cabins, Grand Cabin was built as Hello Wood’s custom project. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that in opposition to preconceptions about cabins, it was imagined as a community space, which can be complemented with a bathroom and a sleeping box module. Following the success and international buzz of Cabin Fever, Hello Wood started to develop further cabins, out of which we have already presented a few.

Indulj el! Balaton

Wood House – Parádóhuta

The hut forming the basis of Wood House hidden in the trees of the Mátra Mountains was built in the seventies, and Dorottya found it in Parádóhuta one and a half years ago. The cabin renovated in a completely eco-conscious manner was furnished with vintage and designer furniture, but it also has several pieces of wooden furniture made of the trees that once stood in the garden. The hut suitable to accommodate two persons is a cozy, exciting and isolated spot, allowing guests to be close to nature both during the summer and the winter.

Indulj el! Mátra

Hegyi Kabin – Zebegény

The Hegyi Kabin (Mountain Cabin) standing on the picturesque lands of the Danube Bend was implemented as László’s second love project after Völgyház. László and his interior designer wife Niki used to run a design shop previously, then started to dive into the world of cabins, looking for inspiration mainly from Austrian and Slovenian examples. A Czechoslovakian wooden house of approx. 15 square meters floorspace was standing in the place of the Hegyi Kabin, which was completely demolished. The two bedroom lightweight house offering a spectacular panorama was built in its place, which has been welcoming guests ever since. In the course of furnishing, they reached back to their former Danish and Swedish suppliers. The spaces are characterized by clean shapes and lines, with many natural elements.

Indulj el! Dunakanyar

Ég & Föld Borvendégház – Szekszárd

Richárd Nemes designed the guesthouse standing on Bakta-tető originally for himself, but once the construction was completed, it turned out to be too small for his growing family – to the greatest joy of those visiting the place regularly since 2015 and those planning to stop by. Following the demolition of the original house, Richárd designed Ég & Föld Borvendégház with his German architect friend, and named it after the cool wine cellar under the house and the sunny gallery boasting a marvelous view over the surrounding landscape. The interior mirrors the taste of the couple: it’s subdued, lovely and minimalist, with functional furniture and maximum space utilization. In the garden surrounding the house, Richárd grows his organic grape and makes a divine Blaufränkisch every year out of the produce, without using any additives.

Indulj el! Gemenc

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