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Future Film Festival visual identity | Kata Moravszki & Tamás Szerényi

About the now through the future – Kata Moravszki had the motto of Future Film Festival Budapest in her mind when she designed a spectacular and eye-catching visual identity for the same.

Hungarian association Filmtekercs Egyesület intends to organize a sci-fi film festival under the name ‘Future Film Festival’. The essence of their concept is to only screen movies at the event that tell stories about the future or about our present through the future.

The most important buzzword for graphic designer Kata Moravszki was change during the design process. We must face a series of changes in our lives, which present us with new challenges every single day – this is how we write the future.

According to the brief, the film festival primarily aims to showcase the so-called “soft” sci-fi movies focusing on social changes. In the course of designing, Kata associated the characteristics of sci-fi movies with the progress of time, the positive and negative human feelings as well as the universe, and used these as her source of inspiration when designing the logo. With the vivid colors, the symbol recalling the full moon and alluding to the passage of time as well as the chosen fonts, she created a utopian world.

The proposal was made for the Hungarian pre-selection competition of KRU Young Cannes Lions 2020, which was won by Kata Moravszki and Tamás Szerényi working with her on the project, thus allowing them to compete at the international contest in Cannes next year.

Currently the date of the festival is uncertain, no exact starting date has been published yet.

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