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HIGHLIGHTS | Contemporary projections

Almost an entire year has gone by without exhibitions and installations: the art scene has gathered so much ammunition and has evolved to such extent in the past 12 months that we have every right to look to the future with great expectations, waiting to see when and where this creative energy stretched to a breaking point will burst.

Due to the social and economic influence of culture, Europe is often referred to as the cradle of culture—as its alpha and omega. Yet to most of us, visiting exhibitions is not an act driven by financial interests as in the case of the wealthy audience of 19th century Parisian pavilions, rather an amusing social activity aimed at quenching our thirst for art and culture. An exhibition is a platform where the fans of culture can meet, and the creator, the creation and the spectators can become one in the flush of delight.

While we are waiting for another contemporary projection, we hand-picked a few projects that can bring the illusion and atmosphere of going to exhibitions into our everydays. Here come the most exciting exhibition visuals and identities of the past few years, from Portugal to Egypt!

Agenda 2020 – AR Exhibition | Porto, Portugal
Serafim Mendes

GerillAR – Poster Exhibition Identity | Budapest, Hungary
Compact studio
Áron Borbély
Gergő Faragó

Y, Desenhar Portugal – Porto Design Biennale | Porto, Portugal
united by
André Duarte
André Covas
Pedro Sousa
Cristóvão Fernandes
Sofia Silva
Providência design
Liliana Fontoura

Gyptian | Cairo, Egypt
Ahmed Shalaby

TENT Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands
studio de Ronners

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