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Healing with colors | NÚSCH

For most people, hospitals are the equivalent of depressing and sad wards, but the new Center for Paediatric Cardiology (NÚSCH) in Bratislava confronts stereotypes. The spaces designed for sick children and their parents were made more pleasant by a talented Slovakian painter.

The colorful, abstract works of painter and colorist Dominika Žaková have been recognized not only in Slovakia but also abroad. This time, however, it wasn’t just for art lovers, as her beautiful, cheerful creations beautify the local paediatric cardiac surgery clinic. Michal Strak, the clinic’s architect, turned to the painter last summer with the idea of complementing the new spaces with contemporary artwork. Dominika’s works adorn the surfaces above the sickbeds, the glass windows in the corridor and the reception desk. Based on the unanimously positive feedback from the hospital staff, parents and the little warriors, the art really helps a lot in these difficult times.


Photos: bittner print

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