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Application icons in retro design

Ben Vessey rethought the graphic design of well-known app icons inspired by the iconography of early Apple computers: we can experience the nostalgia of the eighties on our phone screen as well. Let’s see!

The creative philosophy of the London-based digital product designer is dominated by the principle of simplicity, so that the rethought one hundred and ten icons as part of the new icon and wallpaper set, evoke a pixelated, retro mood. Unlike today’s colorful icon sets, Ben Vessey’s collection builds on monochrome solutions and can be used on iPhones. The creator told us about the graphics created with traditional techniques:

“I’m tired of the current »bright« trend of icons, so I thought it would be exciting to transform modern icons into the style of the 1984 release of Mac OS. The project is very popular, has received a lot of recognition and has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times,” Ben said in an interview with Designboom.

If you want to personalize your smartphone too, you can download Ben Vessey’s icon set from the creator’s website.

Ben Vessey | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Source: Designboom

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