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Aspect | the digital canvas of the future

This March, the team of Radugadesign won in the category of generative media art at Pixels Fest, in Yekaterinburg.

The international festival awards and showcases the works of businesses and group of creators engaged in digital media art for the second time this year.

The entrants could present their works on the 2200 square meter screen covering the facade of Yeltsin Center in the heart of Yekaterinburg – the festival amazes the audience with a gorgeous light show every year.

This year’s winning team, Radugadesign is a cross-continental venture: they have headquarters in Moscow, Miami, and Shanghai, too. They have been winning awards after awards since 2016, and their clientele includes such big names as Chicago Bulls, the International Ice Hockey Federation, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Vivo, Harper’s Bazaar and many others.

Their latest project that won the appreciation of Pixel Fest’s jury is Aspect, which is the virtual canvas of the digital artist in the process of creating the new digital world. This is a digital interface that processes data and displays and demonstrates them with the help of different shapes and motions. 

Aspect is characterized by a search for new forms and an endless generative shifting of shapes. It is a kind of imprint of the team’s visual perspective and precognitive vision. It may seem frightening, but could this be the visual world we will see when a few decades later we monitor the capacity of our brains with the help of the chip built into our eyes? 

The members of the team:

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