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HIGHLIGHTS | Food on four wheels

There are many ways to eat. Out of porcelain plates while sitting at the family table on a Sunday, by taking our time whilst having fun with our friends, at a delish brunch, or even with a cheap sandwich in our mouths bought in the subway, while running after the tram. And we don’t necessarily have to leave home if we want to satisfy our hunger. Just as we, humans did, food has also become mobile, and many times we don’t even have to go out for a tasty bite: it comes to us if we want it. The kitchen is no longer fixed to a single spot. The food truck phenomenon offers the freedom of “anywhere-anytime” and edible pleasure, with no strings attached. There’s a reason the lead character of Jon Favreau’s movie from the fine dining milieu to a food truck. The “Chef” perks up our appetite too for a good juicy burger. And of course, serving is important in this case, as well. In addition to the cool and delish dishes, the design of the food truck is just as important, as the vehicle itself is a company sign-board on four wheels – it should look good. We collected our favorites with which we can satisfy our visual hunger, too, from Ukraine to Mexico.

GINGER Fresh-Cafe. Street Food | Berlin, Germany
Julija Lavrova

Branding for pizza food truck “Rondo Pizza” | Lviv, Ukraine
Jura Formuszjak

HARBOR FOOD | Saint Petersburg, Russia
Pavel Vrabje

CHU | Guadalajara, Mexico
Copo .

Meraki | Budapest, Hungary
Socially .

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