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HIGHLIGHTS | Guilt-free pleasures, packed

We like to reward ourselves, why deny it? After all, it is not a crime if, after a long and tiring day of work, we give in to the temptation and pamper ourselves with something truly delicious in order to regenerate our exhausted brains and limbs.

The sweets that we almost prescribe to ourselves as medication are the best cures for the pain of working long into the night, gloomy afternoons and broken hearts – and now we can even do all this guilt-free, thanks to the “free from” and “reduced” labels on the packages. And what we choose to pamper our tastebuds with does not only depend on the actual content of the package, but on its appearance, too. After all, if we simply wanted to reward ourselves with something healthy, we would target the vegetable-fruit section of the store, and not the snacks selection. But we believe in sweets, and we want to give in to the sweet temptation. And those engaged in this business know this exactly: the manufacturers don’t want to deceive us, they simply want to assure the buyer that the goodies can be consumed without guilt or punishment, they are safe, and can offer the same amount of enjoyment as their unhealthy peers.

This is the mechanism applied by the distributors of healthy snacks, and these are the principles graphic designers should follow too when they are in charge of the packaging of a treat of the kind. How to make a snack tempting, desirable, tasty-looking and appetizing in a visual sense, too? Here are some fine examples – including the product of Classmate Studio, an excellent Hungarian team – from Russia to Brazil.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


BRAZÔ | Porto Alegre, Brazil
Asdrubal (duba) Fabris
Camila Bermúdez
Guilherme Robaski
Natalia Blauth
Alice Meditsch


Fellow Creatures – Vegan Chocolate | Budapest, Hungary / Helsinki, Finland
Classmate Studio
Lili Köves
József G Kiss
Eszter Misztarka
Attila Ács
Fruzsina Fölföldi
Henri Vogt


DOGUEIROS – valkiriaic | Porto Alegre, Brazil
Valkiriaic .
Henrique Azevedo
Eliane Lima
Matheus Pinto
Moises Hansen


Roasting Brew Coffee Roasters | Tomsk, Russia
lovemedo agency


KEPLE | Keto Diet Bread Packaging | Seoul, South Korea
AURG Studio

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