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House in the valley | Znojmo, Czech Republic

Family home in the hillside, next to the river, with view over a medieval castle—as if we were in a fairytale, with the exception that this tale takes place in the 21st century!

Czech architecture studio Kuba & Pilař architekti designed a contemporary family house on the bank of the Thaya River, on a vacant lot nestled between old houses. Even though the plot is not too big, only 125 square meters, its location makes up for it with a view over the most famous sights of Znojmo on the other side of the river: Znojmo Castle, the Rotunda of St. Catherine and the Church of St. Nicholas.

Yet the architects decided to open the terrace to a different panorama: in order to follow the neighboring roofs’ shape, they designed the terrace on the side facing the hillside, thus creating a private and hidden shelter for the owners. 

The house with a narrow, rectangular floorplan is built upwards, thus resulting in a total floorspace of 186 square meters. Three floors face the riverside, and one looks onto the hillside. The main entrance is located on the northern façade, from where an outdoor staircase takes the residents to the terraces and gardens above the house.

The living room, the dining room and the kitchen is located on the top floor, fitted with access to the outdoor terrace. The ground floor houses the garage and a study, while the private spaces—the master bedroom with a private bathroom, kids’ rooms, guest room and bathroom—can be found in the first floor. 

The loadbearing structure of the house is made of reinforced concrete and steek, while the façade is clad in black aluminum sheets. This blackness is disrupted by the milk glass side wall of the internal staircase as well as by the green roof. On the green roof, the architects used several layers of drainage, filtration and protective films. 

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