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A building that gives a new function to urban spaces | KOGAA

Czech architectural studio KOGAA wants to take advantage of the potential of underused urban spaces with its installation showcased in Spain.

KOGAA, a Czech architectural studio, has installed its inflatable circular structure in an empty square in Spain as part of Logroño’s International Festival of Architecture and Design, a.k.a. Concéntrico 06. The team wanted to make the most of the possibilities of empty spaces with this installation, which can be suitable for holding events and organizing community meetups.

The building called circo aéreo features an inflatable ring made of the recycled materials of a previous project. The ring itself is supported by a wooden structure. The lower part of this can be used as a bench, while the white surface of the ring can serve as a projector screen. In addition to its functional aspects, the installation also acts as a visual reminder: with its monumental size, the inflated ring refers to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by cities.

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Source: Designboom

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