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IPA or NEIPA? | Veronika Pažická

Vivid, refreshing colors combined with joyful and figurative elements and unique shapes: a little summer feeling in wintertime. This is what it’s like when two Slovak breweries and a Slovak illustrator join their forces!

Veronika Pažická studied illustration in England; her visual world and language are characterized by the use of vivid, eye-catching tones.

“The current market is full of minimalistic graphics and to be honest, even though it’s appealing you can get bored of it easily and quickly. I think merging illustration and graphic design is a tool that helps create perfect harmony – it’s pleasant to the eye, evoking immediate curiosity and interest in the viewer” – Veronika highlighted.

In creating her illustrative creations, Veronika turns to her own experiences and impressions for inspiration. “I often combine these drawings and sketches in a somewhat unexpected manner, creating image combinations that may seem strange at first glance, but they’re documentations of my thoughts and envisions” – she added.

In the label designs of the IPA či NEIPA beers, Veronika’s unique perspective seems to prevail once again. The beverage was created out of the collaboration of two Slovak beer manufactories Parom and Šilker’s. The beer defeated all large (non-manufactory) breweries at the local Slovenská pivná korunka  competition and was announced as the winner in the category of IPA beers.

IPA is undoubtedly one of the most popular categories amongst craft beers, however, a new wave also seems to unfold: the NEIPA – the pun in the name also alludes to these two beer style. IPA či NEIPA virtually means „IPA or NEIPA?”

NEIPA, standing for New England India Pale Ale, is primarily known for its nice, fruity flavor and refreshing effect – this is what provided inspiration for the colors and illustrative elements of the labels, too. “ I wanted the label to give off a summery vibe so I made the color palette quite pastel and fresh, combining it with fun little drawings of the different tropical fruits you can taste in the beer” – Veronika told us.

The label also features a question mark, alluding to the pun mentioned before – once we have tasted the beer, we will inevitable ask: is this IPA or NEIPA? As Veronika puts it: “almost like ‘to be or not to be’?”

Photos: o Pive
Creatives: Veronika Pažická

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