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Light show at Ferenc Liszt International Airport | S39 Hybrid Design

Inspired by the lands of Hungary and the experience of flying, playing with natural and artificial light: S39 Hybrid Design refreshed the interiors of Ferenc Liszt International Airport with a new installation.

DVM group in charge of the complex interior design concept of the recently handed over finger pier commissioned studio S39 Hybrid Design to carry out the two creative tasks of the project: to design and implement the steel sheet wall installation placed above the entrance of the corridor connecting the building units as well as to implement the patterns of the glass rails separating the terminals from each other.

The corridor connecting the building units can be accessed via an escalator; the LIGHTWAVE installation made of thin metal sheets can be seen above the entrance of the corridor, just opposite this escalator. The installation was inspired by the view of the rivers and lakes from above, seen by passengers while flying and looking out of the windows. The continuous interplay between natural and artificial light evokes the sunshine reflecting from the water, which passengers get to see from an ever-changing angle and always from a new perspective while passing through.

Source: S39 Hybrid Design

Photo: Dániel Ludmann

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