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Manuela X Valter Berecz | Wednesday mood

The weather was cold and windy. It was a Wednesday. There were only the two of them, and that afternoon silence. Barefoot on the endlessly undulating tennis court. Yesterday placed into a collage. A whole, once again. Fashion designer Manuela Maráczy and photographer Valter Berecz recently visited the town of Gánt in Fejér county, where they took some really cool shots in raincoats, just for fun – „Wednesday mood”.

The Geological Park of Bauxite Mining in Gánt, in the Vértes Mountains looks like a truly Martian landscape. Manuela and Valter set out for a trip on that Wednesday, and luckily they also brought their camera with them.

“I wanted to style and create some conceptual photos for such a long time. This was our first joint attempt, and I think it turned out pretty good. The starting point of the project was the raincoat from my First Love collection, on the one hand because it was cold and windy, and also because both of us love it very much. It seems that this coat with this pattern and color has already become quite iconic – my friends keep telling me that they see people wearing it on the streets” – Manuela told us.

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