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METRONOM | Learning music playfully

You could have met Réka Neszmélyi’s works several times, as the very popular visual identity of Bánkitó Festival was also designed by her. This time, we present you the clean, easily comprehensible and lovable METRONOM board game.

Réka has been a huge fan of the genre of board games for a long time; she was always intrigued by how a rule can be made usable and exciting at the same time with the help of design and graphical means. 

She created the pieces and packaging design of the METRONOM game based on the order of musician Máté Möntör. As already suggested by the name, (a metronome is a measuring instrument used by musicians to learn how to play to a regular pulse), it is a musical board game for educational purposes, the aim of which is to convey the required material in a playful manner as an educational resource, in music schools, for example.

The visual appearance of the game is inspired by sheet music and the shapes of instruments; each pattern has a functional role that facilitate the comprehension of the game rules. 

“I really wanted to do something very different from the world of educational materials, and find an easily manageable, simple and last, but not the least replicable and cost-effective solution. In the course of designing, I realized I wanted to merge the packaging of the game and the accessories in a manner that the play area could be built up of the least possible elements. This is how the idea of using the packaging as the board came to me” – Réka told us.

But how does one play with METRONOM? Each player gets a colorful disc-shaped figure, with which they can proceed on the table along the question, bonus and trap cards. Different fields indicate the kinds of cards the given player may take; the icons formed of guitar and piano keys indicate the trap and bonus cards, while the field consisting of 5 lines hides the question card. The question cards have various levels of difficulty signed with 1, 2 or 3 lines of notes, accompanied by scores, thus establishing competition between the players.

You can check out Réka’s other exciting works on her Behance page!

Photo: Balázs Máté
Client: Máté Möntör

Réka Neszmélyi | Behance

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