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Making dreams come true | Studio Proba’s pool mural

Alex Proba does not only make her clients’ dreams come true, but her own, too. The latest gem of her portfolio is the pool mural in a Californian home, a project she has always dreamed of.

No one ever said the walls of a pool were only supposed to be covered in tiles or the good old blue plastic cladding, yet no one ever thought of trying something different. However, Alex Proba, the founder of design studio Studio Proba is much more creative than this, and has dreamt colorful, organic murals on the walls of pools before she actually got her first assignment.

Dreams do come true sooner or later: Alex was commissioned by the owners of Californian jewelry brand Marrow&Fine Tim and Jill Sassone to decorate the internal walls of the pool of their newly bought mid-century villa. With its rectangular forms, the pool of the house in Palm Desert is exactly the opposite of Alex’ organic shapes, however, the designer says this is what made the design process exciting for her.

Even though the end result looks effortless, it was preceded by tiring and hard work: painting the background took two, while creating the patterns took six days. Alex and her assistant Lindsay Kennedy were hunching under the hot Palm Springs sunshine for 12 hours each day which felt event hotter inside the pool. It is, however, without a doubt that the mural was worth all efforts.

Alex Proba established her multidisciplinary design studio in 2013 in New York. The studio also specializes on product design, graphic design, environment and furniture design on the applied line, spiced up with visual artworks.

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