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When Budapest Bath Culture & Eco-Design Meet | PHILOMÉN SS20

The swimwear line of the Hungarian brand leading the way in sustainability – PHILOMÉN, truly brings back the glory of Budapest baths and it’s bath culture, all while responding to the modern needs of the concsious woman, as only environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing techniques are used in their creative process. Check out the Spring Summer 2020 Collection!

Zita Csabai founded PHILOMÉN in 2018, with the aim of creating a conscious, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle designer brand embracing an ethical approach to fashion design. Zita raises awareness on current environmental problems through the brand, and hopes to encourage fashion lovers to commit to change in the spirit of slow fashion. As Zita, who graduated as a Fashion Designer from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, says:

“I visualized a brand combining quality design, style and eco-consciousness.”

– a goal which she managed to accomplish perfectly. The brand’s melodic name, PHILOMÉN, has Ancient Greek origins, and simply means „to be loved”. Nomen est omen: the label’s pieces manifest this vision perfectly, and through wearing the designs, a celebration of harmony with ourselves, discovery, getting to know the world, and loving our Earth and nature in an eco-conscious manner comes to life.

The brand pays particular attention to the preservation of oceans: PHILOMÉN donates 2% of the price of each product sold in their online store to WDC, the world’s largest dolphin and whale conservation organisation. However, their main source of inspiration continues to be Budapest. “We saw a major potential in the world-famous thermal baths and bath culture of the city, which obviously inspired the creation of the brand” – stated Zita. The label’s swimsuits give you loveable items, and perfectly fitting pieces you’ll want to wear over and over again. PHILOMÉN is dominated by the classic features of effortless femininity, timeless European design and elegance, as well as modern, bold silhouettes all while representing a niche mission: To create with love, respect and compassion for the Planet, our home. This rich combination guarantees a sophisticated, carefree and confident look for the wearers of the label. 

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of the brand, and it’s great to see that the label is not only green, but also transparent: each and every swimsuit is made of 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon, which is manufactured out of abandoned fishing nets from the ocean, and other nylon waste. All pieces are sewn in Hungary. This special fabric is not just of high-quality, but is also surprisingly soft and super comfortable to wear. PHILOMÉN only supports the creation of sustainable, locally manufactured, ethical clothing items, made in Hungary, in a zero waste manner.

Luckily, Zita and her team’s momentum wasn’t set back by the epidemic: Simultaneously with their new SS20 collection debut, the label’s online store was given a new design, and further leading concept stores contacted them regarding potential collaborations. This has all contributed to PHILOMÉN’s success on the market, says Zita: “We’re proud to say that our swimwear recently caught the eye of Grazia, the prestigious Italian magazine, which recommended PHILOMÉN as one of the most stylish, go-to eco-brands, and our latest collection has also been the center of continuous international attention”.

Join the label’s fans, feel great wearing PHILOMÉN, and celebrate the Planet in style!

Photos: Judit Dombóvári

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