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Minimalist UNO

The simplest and one of the most enjoyable card games on the market. It is built on easily comprehensible rules, as a result, it can be learnt quickly even by kindergarteners, so really everyone can enjoy it. We can take it to excursions and trips, but it can be the perfect game on any friendly gatherings, too. On top of it, Mattel will issue a brand new, quite clean version of the game – say hi to the UNO Minimalista.

Since its 1992 debut, several versions of the UNO card have been released featuring Disney movies, Barbie, the Avengers or even Harry Potter. This time, after the last special edition displaying the works of art of Jean-Michel Basquiat as the first in their UNO Artiste Series and the one featuring Braille writing, they release a completely minimalist deck, too.

The cards of the UNO Minimalista designed by Brazilian designer Warleson Oliveira have a more glamorous look. While the backside of the cards display a tasteful and elegant dual-colored logo, the cards themselves preserved their vivid colors, and the modernized symbols provide a pleasant and plain outlook.

The special cards will be available for 10 dollars per pack. Follow the Instagram page of UNO for updates about the cards.

Source: Highsnobiety

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