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Beyond Taste | Multisensory tableware

Our sensation, consisting of our sense of vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste form an integral unit. With her special plate collection, Teresa Berger helps reinventing the creation and consumption of food starting from this thought.

Beyond Taste is an 8-piece series of tableware, with each piece focusing on one or two senses. By stimulating our senses, the objects of different shape, color and texture reinterpret our eating experience and the method and process of consuming food. 

The careful design of the specific plates is based on the grounds of the up and coming discipline of gastrophysics, according to which eating is not only about tasting: it’s rather about an interplay between all of our senses. The common branch of gastronomy and psychophysics focuses on how our eating habits and our physical and psychical stimuli are connected to each other.

The various pieces of the collection all intensify our culinary experience with different methods. The ball-shaped, soft pink desert ceramics bowl named Sound Donut, for example, contains a small Bluetooth speaker, which influences the level of sweetness and bitterness felt by diner by playing sounds of various frequency and pitch.

The Dancing Bowl makes the consumption of soft, jelly-like meals more fascinating by stimulating our vision. What’s special about it is that the soft silicone bowl resting on a ceramic plate starts to wiggle if touched with a spoon. In another piece of the collection, the designer placed a dome-shaped silicone bowl with small wholes on a midnight blue glossy plate, with the help of which the dining plate can be filled with smoke. By consuming the dish, the smoke is released gradually, the smell and sight of which further enhances our experience.

You can meet other fascinating solutions in the set, including the rough textured, dark Caviar Bowl, or the Seabed Plate inspired by natural shapes and resembling the bottom of the ocean that makes eating exciting by putting the sense of touching into focus.

A comprehensive catalogue was also issued about the unique collection and its concept, which you can check out here. Go and explore the further pieces of this special tableware set!

Beyond Taste

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