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Nadzieja restaurant | Poznan

Condensing the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv into a 80 square meter Polish restaurant? This is what Agnieszka Owsiany took on – let’s admit – successfully.

Agnieszka Owsiany approached the design task from a perspective completely different than before – instead of clichés, the interior designer decided to turn to the Bauhaus architectural heritage of Tel Aviv for inspiration and to render its essence with the means of design.

Photos: Agnieszka Owsiany

There are almost 4000 Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv, designed by German architects who emigrated to Israel in the 1930s. In Nadzieja restaurant located in Poznan, Poland, natural colors and the design furniture so characteristic of this style commemorate this era. 

The most prominent are the chairs, resembling the famous Wassily chair of Marcel Breuer, but the lamps and the simple white tiles also bring back the typical features of Bauhaus splendidly. 

In addition to the objects, the already mentioned colors (ivory, beige, grey) and the use of materials (metal, glass, and granite) further enhance the effect. This way, guests feeling as if they were in Tel Aviv is not only a result of the fine Israeli cuisine, but the applied interior design solutions, too. 

Photos: Agnieszka Owsiany

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