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Synthesis of Bauhaus and nature | Alma Vetlényi

The combination of geometric forms with delicate and soft materials, or the meeting of the colors and shapes of the Bauhaus with raw nature. Alma Vetlényi’s fall-winter collection is out now!

Alma Vetlényi has a designer attitude focused on sustainability, as well as zero waste and ethical manufacturing. Her collections are characterized by timelessness, allowing her clothes to become permanent pieces of the wardrobes of women of all ages.

The brand’s latest fall-winter collection once again represents this approach and is inspired by the spirit of the Hungarian Bauhaus. The dresses, sweaters and trousers forming part of the collection reinterpret the simple, geometric forms known as the trademark of the Bauhaus in the context of clothing items, dominated by tones of fiery red, warm yellow and cobalt blue. In addition to the Bauhaus’s typical shapes and colors, naturalness also plays a central role, which can be primarily observed in the use of materials: the garments were made of silk, linen, cotton and wool.

“When designing the collection, I was intrigued by the ethos of the Bauhaus, the method of creation in which the artist can find the middle ground through which they can find a place in the industrial society. This is what inspired me to reach back to the colors and forms of the Bauhaus in terms of visuality, which I combined with a touch of rural atmosphere, showing in the silhouettes of the pieces. I considered it important to integrate the latter because I find it interesting how the angular, industrial forms influence rural landscapes. Translating it to the language of garments, I was also fascinated by how the use of angular forms influences soft fabrics, and how their combination results in an interesting outcome” – Alma told us. 

A further peculiarity of the latest Alma Vetlényi collection is that this is the first truly fall-winter collection in the brand’s history. If you’d like to sneak some vivid color into your fall-winter wardrobes, go and pre-order the pieces of the collection now.

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The complete Bauhaus collection debuted at Budapest Central European Fashion Week, and was also shortlisted as a finalist at the International Young Designer Contest 2020 organized by Kyiv, where it represented Hungary.

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