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Labels tuned to tasty | Frootie X Péter Csuth

Fresh, juicy and fruity flavors in a vivid and lively mood: Péter Csuth has designed a new label for Frootie, the first Hungarian fruity beer manufactory.

Péter Csuth’s work is characterized by continuous experimenting with new techniques, styles as well as a need for development and innovation. During the quarantine, he wanted to create something everyone can relate to: this was when the idea of creating beer labels related to the iconic bars of Budapest was conceived. The fictive beer label family became popular in no time: it also caught the attention of Frootie’s team, who asked Péter to design the labels of their next product family.

In designing the labels, Péter set the goal of conveying a joyful atmosphere divorced from the usual beer labels with the dominance of vivid, hand-drawn illustrations. The graphics portraying various fruit types in a recognizable manner become a whole with Péter’s unique font on the labels.

“Drawing the fruit brought the biggest challenge and pleasure at the same time, because even though I like these kinds of illustrations, I don’t really have experience in drawing them. I see many good illustrations here and there, and I always wanted to try myself on this field, but somehow I never had these kinds of jobs until now. In the case of the Frootie labels, I received a free hand so I could play with the different styles all I wanted until we found the final forms and colors”  – Péter told us.

The Frootie drinks are currently available in blueberry and mango flavors in INTERSPAR and Manna ABC stores. The brand’s peculiarity lies in the fact that the limited series unique fruit-beer combinations are made with an extraordinary artisan method. We have good news for the fans of fruity flavors and premium beers: Frootie’s product palette will soon expand with another flavor.

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