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Nostalgia drink | Hultaj

Childhood nostalgia, outdoor adventures and refreshments served by grandma: the Polish beverage Hultaj is all in one. It cools us on hot summer days, warms us on chilly nights, while making us reminisce about our favorite childhood memories. What are we talking about?

Hultaj (meaning varmint) is, in effect, the reinvention of a traditional delicacy: compote. Many of us remember the tasty treat consisting of fruit, sugar and a proper amount of water, served by our grandma instead of pickles, for sure – Hultaj brings this experience back to life with a slightly modern twist.

The first Hultaj compote was made in one of the small kitchens of a town called Drawski Młyn.  It has come a long way until the originators managed to create a beverage with the perfect flavor: “It was obvious right away that the best recipes of our moms and grandmas cannot be simply remade, not to mention thinking on a larger scale. To that end, we looked for local ingredients of the best possible quality to use them in our product” – the creators told us.

To perfect the recipe, flavor and consistency of the compote, they consulted local farmers, paying attention to every detail, including the perfect times for harvesting, and the ideal size and color of the fruit.“Our first attempts failed many times: bad taste, blurry drink, the fruits not tasty enough… But once we have developed our recipe built on an adequate, longer maturation process, the unique flavors of the Hultaj compote were born” – they added.

However, Hultaj is not only a local product in terms of ingredients, but in terms of every tiny detail, too. Its appearance and expressive visual identity was designed by Polish Studio Otwarte: the nostalgic atmosphere recalling our childhood comes to life with the help of drawn letters and illustrations. The design of the bottle was also created by the team of Otwarte. The shape of the bottle was inspired by the form of returnable milk bottles and mason jars. Owing to the wide bottle neck, we can also eat the pieces of fruit once we have consumed the beverage.

Currently the Hultaj compotes are available in the city of Poznań, or the website of the brand, but soon they will be out on the shelves of several Polish chain stores, too. We can’t wait to try it!

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