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One with the mountains | The latest viewpoint in the Alps

Italian architect studio noa* designed a breathtaking architectural installation in South Tyrol. The viewpoint located at 3251 meters offers a view over the place where Ötzi was found.

Getting to the top of a mountain and looking over the surrounding landscape is always a transcendental experience. What makes a good observation point is if it can further amplify this experience. This is exactly what the observation deck Ötzi Peak offers, designed by Italian architect studio noa* near the township of Schnals, Italy located a few kilometers away from the Austrian border.

The colors of the installation made of Corten steel blend in with the surrounding topography nicely, while the platform placed on stilts allows viewers to almost float in the landscape while gazing over the panorama. The architects also added a geometric corridor amongst the arches of the platform, and by passing through it you can slip away from the rest of the hikers and truly become one with the mountains.

Source: urdesignmag

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