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Opera Gin Budapest is a gold medalist

Opera Gin Budapest has won another award: after Red Dot Design Award, now they won the gold medal at The Global Spirits Masters competition organized by leading London-based publication The Spirits Business in the field of premium gins.

In the framework of The Global Spirits Masters, the largest spirits blind-tasting competition in the world today, a separate contest is announced for every important spirit category, from brandy to vodka. The number of contestants of the event established in 2008 is growing each year: in 2019, more than three hundred items entered the competition in the category of gins only. As result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of applicants did not reach that of last year, however, the field of Gin Masters 2020 was still sort of crowded with almost two hundred entries. Opera Gin Budapest introduced by Első Magyar Gin Manufaktúra Zrt. last year won the gold medal in the category of Premium Gins, reaching an impressive score (between 80-89 points) from the jury at the blind tests. As it was also highlighted by the article of The Spirits Business announcing the results, the Opera earned the attention with its “great texture” and “subtle dark chocolate” notes.

“It has been a dream of ours since the very beginning to be able to place the seal of a professional award onto our bottle, and to have it decorate our likewise award-winning label. We never thought, however, that we would achieve this acknowledgment so early. This makes us very proud. I would like to congratulate and at the same time thank everyone for bringing honor not only to ourselves but to the entire Hungarian gin market”  – said founder Bálint Dámosy in relation to winning the award.

The First Hungarian Gin Manufactory debuted on the Hungarian market in February 2019. Hungary’s first distillery making artisan gin exclusively is located in Újpest, at an industrial park. This is where Opera Gin Budapest, Hungary’s first premium category London Dry type gin is made. 

Last year, the gin manufactory also won the Red Dot Design award with the visual identity designed by Graphasel Design Studio, and it’s not a coincidence they earned a spot on our list of best gin packagings in our HIHGHLIGHTS series.

Source: Press release

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