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Organizing professional fashion photoshoots in a matter of days | Random Shooting Day

Random Shooting Day, the most promising collaboration of the Hungarian fashion scene was launched 4 years ago. The creative community consisting of professional makeup artists, photographers, stylists and models continues to release new materials each week since then. Everything is quite random in their operation, yet the result is always professional, and the sums generated by their annual exhibitions goes to charity. We asked the founder about the operation of the collective.

“I came up with the Random Shooting Day project in a »low« period 4 years ago, when a previous project of mine ended. This was when I decided that I needed to weigh up my life: that I needed to think over all the good and bad things in it. I realized that creation was missing from my life” – shared Koczka, one of the most well-known hairdressers and hairstylists of the country, the founder of Random Shooting Day.

Koczka was inspired by the concept of the Random Trip music collective, who improvise concerts every week with different performers. Based on this concept, she pitched the idea of Random Shooting Day to her friends in the fashion scene, with the gist that a new crew is formed every week, and they do a professional photoshoot based on the weekly mood. A closed Facebook group was created for the project, which has almost 190 members today.

The shoot takes place as follows: they receive the photos of the model who will participate in the next shoot from an agency on Thursday, and anyone who got inspired by the photos, who has time or has a creative idea can take on the mood, which will determine the visual world of the entire series, by indicating their intent in a comment under the photo. The mood is completed by Sunday, and then those wishing to work on the series join the project based on the same. Preparations take place from Sunday to Thursday next week, and the professional photoshoot is held on Thursday. Koczka is in charge of the hair and organizing the shoot in every project.

How can someone become part of the team? Can emerging photographers and stylists join, too? – I ask Koczka, who tells me that interested people often contact her, and if someone proves to be talented based on their previous works, they can join the team.

“In our project, everyone aspires to give their best, and so the end result is always of very high quality. We don’t necessarily follow today’s fashion, we do what we like. Doing a shoot with Random has become a prestige thing today.”

– Koczka explains, and adds that all 158 series have been made without conflicts so far, even though often the members of the profession only meet at the photoshoot for the very first time. There is no rivalry, the participants are happy to work for free, they are driven by a will to create.

So that the series published on the social media platforms of the project “don’t get lost” in the digital space, they organize an exhibition of the materials each year, the proceeds of which go to charity. In previous years, the beneficiaries included the SUHANJ! foundation and the Fábián Juli Memorial Foundation, amongst others.

Cover photo: random.s.day116 photo: J. Csaba Almási; styling, mood: Richard Demeter; makeup: Kathy Dévényi; model: Biborka Bocskor; hair: Koczka; photo assist: Nana Szohr, Péter Adamko; special thanks: Heaven Club Budapest

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