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Pastel-retro Sims

The photos of Mária Švarbová can be recognized from quite afar. The former archeologist-restorer transformed her camera into a time machine, and took us on a ride.

Written by photographer László Sebestyén

Looking at her pictures, I feel that I have been here before, I’ve seen this before, it has happened. On her retro style photos, she controls colors with the same rigor and taste as she arranges the people and objects into a strict order of composition. The minimalism of Socialist Realism becomes loveable, and even a desired way of living. The rigidity of the concrete blocks of flats, the human moments without gestures and emotions still take us into a world that is rich in emotions and feelings. The restrained looks and unfinished gestures await and long for something “that did not happen”. We find ourselves in the live version of a unique Sims game, something nice to float in for a little while. A picturesque journey during the quarantine, in our distanced world, our slo-mo everydays.

Mária Švarbová – Exclusive series for Apple
Costume: Barbora Kubi 
Models: exit model management

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