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Vince Hegedűs | 36 Days of Type

The typographic work by Vince Hegedűs is dominated by the contrast of black and white, a simple, minimalist visual world and the dynamic movement of basic forms. Vince created a new experimental set of fonts for the 36 days of Type call. Here it comes.

The new characteristic set of fonts is based on the variable font, the essence of which is that in opposition to the previous static font types, it contains the letters’ normal, thin, bold and italic versions at the same time. Building on this analogy, the exciting playfulness along the different axes and centers of gravity can also be observed in Vince’s letters.

For more unique and animated graphics, go and follow Vince’s Instagram page!

Behance | Instagram

Vince Hegedűs works as a freelance motion designer and graphic designer on various international projects, mainly in the world of startups, the cosmetics and music industry as well as other fields of the creative industry.

In the framework of the annual call of 36 Days of Type, graphic designers, illustrators and artists share the reimagined versions of the letters and numbers forming part of the Latin alphabet for 36 days. The aim of the project is to explore the diverse opportunities offered by typography and creativity.

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