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Lawless combinations | Kis Piréz Recipe Book

Coconut-shrimp rice balls, fish greaves, rosé duck or dandelion syrup—two hungry graphic designers, Boglárka Balogh and Áron Hujber created the Kis Piréz Recipe Book as a result of the sudden isolation, with experimenting, improvisation and unusual ingredients in the focus.

“The quarantine and the increased free time drove many of us into the kitchen this year. We love the gorgeous, exotic cookbooks but we realized that many of the ingredients in them cannot be bought or is difficult to buy in Hungary, and thus we have to substitute them somehow. On top of it all, in the spirit of cooking leftover-free, it happened many times that we had to put things that are quite far away from each other into one pan. The result was often surprisingly great, and so we started writing these improvised recipes down,” Bogi shared with us. 

„Minden mehet bele” (Everything can go right in) – reads the first page, giving a concise summary of the essence of the book. The authors collected recipes that were somehow born out of experimentation, an unexpected situation or perhaps laziness, and so are anything but ordinary. The name “piréz” in the title further accentuates their concept: the Piréz are a fictitious people invented by the workers of the Hungarian public opinion polling company Tárki Zrt. to measure xenophobia. “We did not aim for a social critic overtone, we just like to look at these lawless combinations as the dishes of non-existing nations,” Bogi highlighted.

“I particularly like that what we made is not a vegetarian recipe book in the strict sense, but we accidentally managed to keep a balance between meat and meat-free that could be sustainable and healthy: in addition to loads of veggies, some dairy and fish, we have recipes with meat, but to a lesser extent. If this were the general diet of people, we wouldn’t have to worry about the adverse effects of industrial meat production,” Áron added.

The Kis Piréz Recipe Book is not only a book, but also a community project at the same time: Bogi and Áron chose the authors of recipes out of their group of friends. Those interested can also get to know the stories behind each recipe on the book’s Instagram page. In addition to the its unique content, the book’s artisan character is also worth mentioning: the neon-colored pages were printed with a risograph, each booklet is handbound and is accompanied by Bogi and Áron’s food illustrations.

If you’d like to try some extraordinary recipes, you can grab your own Kis Piréz Recipe Book in ISBN Book+Gallery‘s store or in Hokedli pottage bar, until stocks last. The good news is Bogi and Áron will keep collecting special recipes and we hope they will get published in another volume soon—we can’t wait for the second part!

The authors of the recipes:

Fruzsina Balogh, beginner mom
Luca Gőczey, graphic designer, Studio VAN
Máté Kovács, visual artist
Niki ‘Yinna’ Kardos, DJ
Eszter Laki, graphic designer, Studio NUR
Tünde Mézes, visual artist, PINCE artist-run space
Kata Moravszki, graphic designer, author of her own recipe book Vegán Finomságok
Károly ‘Sinya’ Sinka, Hajtás Pajtás
Bori Sinkó, Hokedli pottage bar
Alíz Stocker, graphic designer
and finally the minds behind the recipe book, Boglárka Balogh and Áron Hujber

Kis Piréz Recipe Book | Instagram

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