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Multifunctional space for community and souvenirs

Located in Valletta, Malta, this small store functions as both Te fit-Tazza studio’s collaborative space and the shop of a bold souvenir brand—it was co-designed by a Hungarian creative, on top!

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck—the name already makes us want to enter this store with a collaborative space on its top floor. The different character of the shop and the studio manifests in both the structure and furnishings of the spaces, the design of which was a team effort between Te fit-Tazza, Anna Horváth from Aha Objects and Pippa Cachia and Neil Pace O’Shea of The Design Brief. The spaces are heavily inspired by Maltese aesthetic and are quite compact, too, which proved to be the greatest challenge for the designers: they had to create the rooms fulfilling the two functions on just 25 square meters both downstairs and up. 

The biggest task in terms of the retail unit was to enable it to accommodate and showcase a wide range of souvenirs in the homogenous space in a tasteful manner, while on the top floor, the designers had to optimize the small space for community functions. Once they leave the store area on a spiral staircase, visitors are greeted by a calmer, more dynamic milieu upstairs. 

Source: Homeworks

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