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Picnic basket from the future

This hypermodern picnic basket includes powdered supplements, dehydrated vegetables and compact kitchen utensils, with an app providing assistance for cooking.

Remote, faraway travel destinations allowing us to cut off from the outside world are growing in popularity, and the pandemic only made them even more desirable. But how could hospitality adjust to this trend? This is the question FRAME magazine challenged designers to respond to.

Jisun Kim currently pursuing a Master’s degree in product and furniture design at Kingston University London proposed a compact and portable cooking station (that is, picnic basket) as an alternative. The package contains powdered supplements (like protein, which could come in handy on an active holiday), dehydrated vegetables selected based on personal preference and compact kitchen utensils, while the application going hand in hand with it offers a list of ingredients that can be sourced locally at the destination, complemented with simple cooking instructions. 

Source: Frame

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