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Hurricane-proof floating villa

This luxury yacht-villa floating on the water was inspired by flamingos: its retractable stilts allow it to be raised fully out of the water, thus making it hurricane-proof.

Designed by Dutch Waterstudio.NL, the hybrid structure called Arkup 75 functions as a yacht and an isolated floating villa at the same time. The building powered by solar panels comes with retractable stilts, with which it cannot only be fixed to a given point in the water, but can also be raised above the same.

The 12 meter long stilts can anchor the structure at depths of up to 7.6 meters – the poles can keep the villa above water at such depth at most in the case of strong waves. The 404 sqm interior looks rather like the inside of a luxury suite than that of a boat. Solar panels covering the entire roof supply the house with energy, and a rain purification system makes it capable of operating fully off-grid. 

Source: dezeen

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