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Portugal’s flavors and colors in a restaurant in Wrocław | MARTIM

Polish BUCK.Studio designed a marvelous interior for the restaurant opened on the Odra riverbank. Both the colors and textures in MARTIM’s interior represent Portuguese identity, allowing us to experience the Portuguese vibe already before getting a taste of the wines and meals.

A part of newly opened MARTIM restaurant floats on the Odra river, while other part sits on the riverbank in Wrocław downtown. The location also inspired the designers of BUCK.Studio in charge of the interiors of the restaurant, who decided to take the guests of the Portuguese restaurant on an imaginary journey to the southern country involving all senses. 

Everything evokes the Portuguese identity in the interior, be it colors or textures. The most dominant color running through the restaurant is ocean green, some shades of which recall the ocean while others evoke the Portuguese hills. The dark red of the counter alludes to the rich wine culture of the country, while the wall behind it is covered in corkboard, which is one of the most characteristic export items of the country. 

They didn’t forget about the characteristics of the location either: the industrial vibe of the neighboring docks are integrated into the space by the iron-barred wine cabinets and the metro tiles. 

Before we’d take our seats in the dining area offering a gorgeous view, we pass the open kitchen when entering the space. The openness of the kitchen and the large glass walls of the restaurant make guests experience the freedom of being on holiday near the ocean at least a little bit.

In addition to the original Portuguese wines and specialties, the tableware is authentic, too: they were manufactured by a Portuguese ceramic artist specifically for the restaurant.

Even though MARTIM is fully open towards its environment, the warm colors and materials still offer a sense of intimacy inside, guaranteeing a cozy evening for guests.

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Photos: PION Studio | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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